Welcome to PrimaMater Alchemical Spirit Journeys!

Did you know that there are places you can go where you can connect you to a higher wisdom, a greater clarity, sense of peace and well-being?  Such places are reachable only by going within, by accessing the other than conscious mind and listening to the still, quiet voice inside.

PrimaMater Alchemical Spirit Journeys helps to reconnect you to your innate wisdom so you can remember to listen to that subtle guidance.  Whether you are currently going through a particular emotional or physical challenge or simply want to clear your system of the static noise that has accumulated over months, years or even a lifetime of being distracted, busy and simply not listening deeply, PrimaMater Alchemical Spirit Journeys can be transformational, by changing the way you respond to your own thoughts and feelings.

How often have you heard yourself say any of the following statements?

I just want to feel happy, connected and at peace.”

“A part of me knows better but I just can’t stop myself.”

“I want to be close to him/her but something keeps getting in the way.”

“I sense that there is something missing in my life but I don’t know what that is.”

Through strengthening and cultivating your inner connections you can become more centered, clear and confident and from that centered state you will be able to create more harmonious, synergistic and loving relationships in the outer world!

“The heart has divine instincts; it just needs to be turned loose in the sky.”  Teresa of Avila

Are you ready to experience the sweet reunion of coming home to your self?