Somatic Healing™

Somatic Healing is special kind of hypnotherapy designed to support healing in injury, pain and disease.  It is not to replace medical care but rather intended to be used in conjunction with the recommendations of your health care provider.  Through the application of unique protocols developed by David Quigley, the founder of Alchemical Hypnotherapy, you can recover greater health, vitality and well-being beyond what you may have thought possible.

While we can often ignore or even deny nagging thoughts, the body usually gets our attention!  Sadly, all too often we tend to think of the body as separate from the mind and spirit and we end up treating the body like a machine.  Somatic Healing technology offers a bridge to heal this mind/body duality at the same time that we heal the symptoms that catch our attention.

As a trained Level Two Advanced Somatic Healing Practitioner I have witnessed and facilitated many healing miracles.  I’ve experienced my own profound healing through this technology as well.  It is my experience that the body manifests symptoms in order to bring attention to something that we may not be aware of in our way of being.  The body/mind connection gets expressed through physical symptoms that are often metaphors for psycho-emotional patterns seeking to be updated or released.

In a single Somatic Healing session you are likely to discover many different aspects of your body, mind and spirit which relate to your condition.  These discoveries support needed changes which may lead to recovery and greater well-being.  Some of the possible discoveries are:

  • A Inner Healing Sanctuary where you can go to rest and rejuvenate
  • An Inner Healer who can guide you and advise you of diet, nutritional supplementation, and other adjunct therapies that could be beneficial
  • Specific movements or sounds or other practices that you can do to release patterns and regenerate tissue
  • Psychic surgery with the assistance of your Inner Healer
  • Specific entrance and exit points for healing and release
  • Specific memories that are tied up in the tissue as a complex waiting to be unraveled
  • Greater self-awareness with new possibilities of self-forgiveness and reconciliation with others
  • A new definition of health and wholeness

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